Charity Work

Our company and vision was born as of the idea to help. We enjoy doing business, that is also what we live of, how we pay the rent. However, our focus is on helping. We are glad to support initiatives, organisations, groups and individuals in endevaours of health care provision, education, or for any idea that helps to improved life, by using information technology and computers. Depending on the project, we will support you, without costs for you. In any case, we are glad to give advice. Please just write or call us!

And as to business: we are also glad to help, give advice, share our experience to support, or to establish a business, with information technology. If you had an idea however less financial means, please still let’s talk. Business is one key for peoples’ participation in society and an important factor to drive innovation. Please contact us and share your idea, and let’s see in how far and how we might could help.

We are glad to contribute with our knowledge and experience, and we are glad to support any endeavour to improve life, help society, protect the environment, exchange knowledge, train and research; or to build a network and do business. We are glad to support goals that are, in the long run, a keystone to step on for sustainability for all of us to live and work together better. Please feel warmly welcome to contact us.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!