Our vision

Mission statement:

To bring inspiration and innovation to everyone.


Information technology grows very quickly in Africa, and we want to help people to make the most use of the information online.
Bafing iTech’s vision is to help the African society to integrate with the digital world where one uses the internet to learn, to get knowledge, and not least, to do business.
Our purpose is to use these advanced technologies (software/internet, telecommunication) in a more beneficial, informative and educative way. 40% of the people in Guinea are illiterate, and a small percentage only do have access to (higher) education. Our aim is to support to reduce that ratio to 20% until 2021. That might sound ambitious; we are giving our best!

The company works on different sectors (thereby focusing on charity work) from the medical sector to education. We are implementing digital management systems for healthcare providers and primary and higher schools. We also want to help business, the key to involve people into society. That is, we develop web applications B2C as well as C2C. Mobile technology is used widely in Guinea, will stay so for the future. We also provide mobile phone applications to make better use of these devices.

We strive to reduce by 2021 the number of illiteracy to 20% of the population. We are doing so by providing most suitable software and also, by training for people in Guinea how to use their smartphone for reading and writing, and eventually for work.

We also aim to reach students in Guinea. We have ongoing endeavours to establish business relationships to provide the opportunity to do internships and trainings to students, mainly in the ICT and Internet related field. Students, at this moment in time, in Guinea, are those users who are familiar with the web the most. They might be the multiplicators to help the entire population to use these means of technology better.

We are glad having the chance to provide internships and trainings in international environments to learn. Thereby we humbly hope to prepare them very well for good job opportunities, or to run their own company and provide those quality services to Guinea – giving back.