We are glad to support you and use software better (in case that you already use it), or start with the use of it; we are glad to offer qualified trainers for all levels of usage knowledge of software.

We are doing so for software that we are providing, and equally, for other software, systems, social networks.

We are also glad to provide training in internet-use, or in general, how you can use software, and the internet, to be more confident in using it, to find information better, and to help you using it to helping you in daily life.

Please contact us. We are glad to train you for any question that you might have. All of us, ourselves, went the steps from ‘absolute beginner’ in ICT to being better to finally, being able to support others. That is why, we all understand the issues one encounters. Please contact us! We feel that ICT helped us very much to ‘lead a better life’ and are glad to train others to use it easier as well.