University management system

The University of Fouta in Mamou (UFM) was founded in 2016, and will start operations in October 2016. It will be an accredited higher education school that provides the chance to achieve degrees in e.g. engineering, computer science, business.

The UFM want so reach and support their students in a most efficient and modern way. That is, from start, ICT will be the part of the university’s administration and teach system, and part of students’ life. The university aims to support students 24/7, and and the administration system shall also be used to store most important data for students – their achieved curriculum and degrees. That is, backup, data security and safety, and of course: permanent availability must be guaranteed.

That is why, we decided to provide a cloud solution (= software in the internet). We provide the system, and we ‘have the system somewhere’, and the professors, the university’s supportive staff, and the students, all, can see, update, and use the software and data in the internet.

All ‘worries’ about the software will be with us, the UFM has to worry about nothing; and can fully concentrate on provide high quality education, while we care for the software and system.

At the same time, we are providing a website and presentation for the UFM in the internet; as a high education provider, the university wants to present themselves on their own website and we are glad to help.

We are proud that the UFM had asked us to help with the software system, and the website; also, not least since our founder originally comes from the city of Mamou!

We are glad that the UFM decided to start operations and wish the UFM team all the best!

And we are humbly gratefule being able now and in the future to support the provision of education. That is one of our goals of training and giving back. If you are intending to set up an educational system, please contact us! We are glad to support.