E-commerce website

The distribution of goods, Sales, can be amazingly improved and accelerated via the web. People who look for a certain good, can find one’s shop. And if one runs an ecommerce-site, people can have a look at the good, can see the good’s details, and, can even order it via the web.

The payment then (paypal, credit card or any other methods) can be decided, or done, via this website. Having an ecommerce website means, one has a catalogue in the web, and a shop, and the possibility to transfer money (or to set up the purchase contract and payment conditions).

That is very easy! Nowadays, that all can be done via mobile phone, which is even more convenient. On the small mobile one, the client can find the shop, select a good, see the good’s details, and – buys it. That is easy and handy.

We are just working on such eCommerce website, and additionally the possibility to use it on a mobile phone (a mobile application), for car sales. Clients will be able to see the car, read about its details, and order it. Our clients are very successful in Sales and now, want to make use of ICT.

We will provide about the project, that will be finalized soon, here; please stay updated!

In case that you are interested in such eCommerce website, maybe also with the possibility of a mobile phone application, please contact us! We are glad to help and we see how useful such eCommerce website is, to show one’s goods to the client, and to improve Sales. Please contact us!