Clinic management system

We are driven by the wish to ‘do good’. When SOMEDIC asked us to help with an internal clinic management system, we were very glad.

Somedic started operations on 2016. The start as a medium sized clinic, with plans to expand within the first year; that meant, that the system had to expandable. The system requires different roles, not everybody can see all data; it involved various departments, and includes a pharmacy. At this moment, the clinic records data within paper-based documents, in a very efficient system. However, it was hoped by the SOMEDIC team that a computer-based system would improved their work and also would serve as an ‘alarm system’, giving warnings for e.g. too high or too low values of certain patient’s data.

Patient data are sensitive, that is, they need special ‘security’ (no ‘hacking’ should be possible). Another criteria was, that, the internet in the area where the clinic is located, could not be considered to be available indeed 24/7. Given these conditions, and the fact that the system should not required the purchase of new computers, we decided for an ‘internal internet’ – the clinic system and the data are seen, updated and shared between the people in the clinic on their computers, but, they would use ‘their own web’, not the internet.

That also meant, that, one does not depend on the internet – if it is available or not, the clinic system will run; and, on the computers that are available; no equipment has to be bought.

We prepared the system, the set up, and, on special wish of the clinic, we prepared training and materials to support the clinic employees and doctors to use the sytem.

We worked intensively together with Somedic to understand their requirements and the special needs of a clinic. It had helped that one team member of use had worked in the public health care system before.

The system runs but we will continue to support until the official start of the project in October 2016.

We are glad that we could help, and are proud that we hopefully contribute to improve and save lifes. We wish the SOMEDIC team all the best!

We are more than glad to support health care providers. If you are one, and would like to make (more) use of software, the web, and ICT in general, please contact us! We are glad to support.