Our team

Alpha, CEO and founder in Europe

Alpha founded Bafing iTech to support, teach, and work together with people mainly in Guinea in the area of ICT. Alpha is originated of Mamou in Guinea and went to Czech Republic in 2004 for studies of ICT in Czech Technical University of Prague and Business Administration (MBA) at Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University in 2012. Czech Republic became his home and he is living there with his family and three children and is working in the software industries.
Alpha had done business and support for and with people from Guinea ever since. Alpha has been always fascinated by hi-tech and by business and how to combine both; and was especially successful also in ICT Sales. Having found a highly motivated international team and seeing that the time is ripe, now, he decided to focus on his vision and form a company. He aims on ICT support, business and sustainable development; and contributing knowledge and ideas. Not least, he wants to show how interesting, colorful, touching and friendly the people and life in Africa are, to his friends and Europe; and vice versa, exchanging ideas and the best of both worlds.

Cherif, Business manager and founder in Guinea in Africa

Cherif, Alpha’s brother, is based in Guinea in Africa. He is Business manager for the business there, and the connection and contact person to the team in Europe.
Cherif works as Medical Advisor, specialized in the field of Malaria prevention and protection. He is especially interested in supporting medical offices and doctors, to manage information better and analyse existing ones to provide alarm systems. His main interest is to improve and train the ICT use in the field. With Bafing iTech’s vision, he is convinced that also local businesses will have a chance to make better use of the given ICT; and he is very glad to be part of the Bafing iTech team.

The technical team, in Europe, Africa, and all over the world

Our technical team consists of experts in the field of desktop, web and mobile development and testing, supported by an UX expert and people with further expertise and experience. We work mainly in the open source software area, and are familiar with all current programming languages like Java, PHP, Python; mobile development on Android; databases like MySQL, Postgres; front end technologies like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and frameworks, like JEE/Spring, PHP Symfony2, Laravel, CMS Joomla, WordPress etc., Python Django etc. Several team members work in research for machine learning, big data and GIS; and other team members are Test managers, DevOps, and work on network support. With that wide and deep portfolio of expertise, and our team who works in a Agile way lead by an experienced Scrum Master, we are confident to help you with any idea that you might have, find a solution to any issue and support you for anything that comes into your mind.

Please feel warmly welcome to contact us! Our team is glad to hearing from you.